Early on we made the decision to allow dogs. We have dogs. When we travel, we like to bring our dogs. It is painful. We decided if we allowed dogs in Pelican Cottage, maybe it would make traveling easier for our guests. (Unfortunately, I have severe cat allergies and we cannot allow cats.)

We have a couple of rules. One, please pick up the dog’s waste. We provide doggie poo bags and a separate trash container for the waste. The second, if the dogs are couch sitters or bed sleepers, cover our stuff with blankets provided so things don’t get hairy. Most dog owners are happy to oblige because we really, no kidding, welcome their pups.

The biggest problem with welcoming dogs into our vacation rental is they are hairy. And the hair gets everywhere. Which is OK when the dog is your own, but not all of our guests own dogs or even like dogs. So we must make sure all the hair is gone before our next guest check-in. Nowhere is the cottage hairier than on the rugs.

Rugs get pretty dirty anyway. People go to the beach, it rains, there’s mud, they walk barefoot, it’s inevitable. We have a good rug shampooer for the bigger rugs. But I have, for the longest time been in search of bedside and kitchen rugs that are nice looking and machine washable. Ones that I can wash between each guest’s visit and still look good.

Up until this point, every rug I have tried has failed. I’m spending a fortune on rug experiments. So I decided to break down and try some rugs I actually found on Facebook of all places.  Have you heard of them?  They are called Ruggables.

Their web page claims:

Stylish Rugs That Fit Your Life(and Your Washing Machine)

The right rug can truly elevate your space. But life can get messy. That’s why we created a rug that can withstand whatever life throws at it: dirt, dander, dust, drools…even pet accidents. So you can spend less time worrying and more time living.

Washing Machine IconMachine Washable

Glass Spilling IconWater Resistant

Waterdrop IconSpillproof

***Everything I have ever wanted and more!!***

The Ruggables unique concept is that each rug is actually 2 parts. There’s a rug pad that is black. Its bottom is rubbery, the top is a kind of a velcro-ey top (not velcro, but like it, kind of) that actually grips the backside of the rug cover.

From the Ruggable site:

Detach, Reattach, Repeat

Thanks to our innovative Cling Effect technology, our Rug Cover can be detached and reattached to the Rug Pad without losing its grip.

When it’s time for a wash, simply remove the Rug Cover from the Pad, throw it in the washer and dryer, and reattach it back to the Pad. Voilà-enjoy a clean rug all the time!

I ordered 2 Ruggables.  2’5″ x 7′. For either side of the queen bed in the master bedroom. I chose the Patchwork Boho Rug because of the colors in the room.


I put my order in on February 14. I was able to take advantage of a 1st-time purchaser 10% discount. They also provide free shipping. I received a confirmation email thanking me for my purchase, included was a copy of my receipt and a link to check my order status.

One of the two rugs was delivered on February 22. After waiting a week after delivery, I contacted Ruggables to inquire about the second rug. Two days later I received a non-committal email stating how that they make each rug individually, blah blah blah. The second rug finally arrived on February 29.

Ruggable box


Each box arrived weighing about 5 pounds.



The colors were quite vibrant and met my expectations.

20200301_174830The binding was well-made and looked quite durable. The pile of the rug is very short. The top piece of the 2-part system is thin – which allows it to be easily washed.




Each corner has a triangle flap that wraps over the bottom rug pad.








The top of the rug pad is what Ruggable calls “Cling Effect technology” it reminds me of velcro in a non-velcro-ey way.





The bottom of the rug pad is a patterned rubber for non-skid.


Now is time for the test. We’ll take them out to the cottage tonight and report back when our current guests leave the beginning of April. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. This could be huge!