Our Cottage

Pelican Cottage
The front entrance to Pelican Cottage.

Pelican Cottage has changed significantly over the years. Since we first started 7 years ago, we’ve expanded the bathroom, added a bedroom, a laundry area and built a small deck out back, added a hot tub, deck and pavilion. We put in a better kitchen and added super-quiet AC/heat. We are on our 2nd set of mattresses, 2nd toilet, 3rd couch, 3rd recliner, and I can’t even tell you how many coats of paint have been applied. And so it continues.

We are listed on Airbnb, Home Away/VRBO, and Trip Advisor. It’s not like we’d known anything about being a host. We’ve learned mostly by trial and error. Of course, when we first started out, we made sure we met all the guidelines provided by the vacation rental sites. (towels, bedding, fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, etc.) We also made sure we signed up for Federal, State and County taxes and got our tax I.D. numbers.

I’m sure if our first renters came back now, their eyes would pop out. When they checked in, Pelican Cottage was pretty barren. We had outfitted it with the basics – the things we thought they would need.  But there were no extras. Funny enough, they did not seem to mind. They were looking for a comfy bed in a safe place and we were able to provide that.

Over the years, we have learned a lot from our guests. They’ve let us know what works and what doesn’t – not only mechanically, but if something isn’t right or could be better. They are never mean about it – and their suggestions are always appreciated.

I have learned a lot about stuff. Things to buy, things not to buy. Things guests appreciate. Things guests don’t use. Things that last. Things that aren’t worth your time even looking at them. My intent with this blog is to spend a lot of time sharing about stuff and what I think of it. Keep in mind, everything is my own opinion and not the be-all and end-all for vacation rentals. I am also interested in your opinions. Tell me what works for your vaca rental and what was a complete fail.

All I ask is that everyone remain civil, kind, and helpful. We are all in this together and if I can assist someone in finding a great product that works – I’ll be happy!